Warning – Maytag W10131619A User Manual

Page 22

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Is the exhaust vent diameter the correct size?

Use 4" (102 mm) diameter vent material.

Is the dryer located in a room with temperature below

45ºF (7ºC)?

Proper operation of dryer cycles requires temperatures above 45ºF (7ºC).

Is the dryer located in a closet?

Closet doors must have ventilation openings at the top and bottom of the door. Sides and
front of dryer require a minimum of 1" (25 mm) of airspace, and the rear of the dryer
requires 5" (127 mm). See the Installation Instructions.

Has an air dry cycle been selected?

Select the right cycle for the types of garments being dried.

Is the load too large and heavy to dry quickly?

Separate the load to tumble freely.

Cycle time too short


Excessive Weight Hazard

Use two or more people to move and install dryer.

Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.

Is the automatic cycle ending early?

The load may not be contacting the sensor strips. Level the dryer.

Change the dryness level setting on Automatic Cycles. Increasing or decreasing the dryness

level will change the amount of drying time in a cycle.

Lint on load

Is the lint screen clogged?

Lint screen should be cleaned before each load.

Stains on load or drum

Was dryer fabric softener properly used?

Add dryer fabric softener sheets at the beginning of the cycle. Fabric softener sheets added

to a partially dried load can stain your garments.

Drum stains are caused by dyes in clothing (usually blue jeans). This will not transfer to

other clothing.

Loads are wrinkled

Was the load removed from dryer at the end of the cycle?

Was the dryer overloaded?

Dry smaller loads that can tumble freely.


Have you recently been painting, staining or varnishing in the area where your dryer is


If so, ventilate the area. When the odors or fumes are gone from the area, rewash and dry

the clothing.

Is the dryer being used for the first time?

The new electric heating element may have an odor. The odor will be gone after the first