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NEVER leave children alone or unsupervised near the
appliance when it is in use or is still hot. Children should
be allowed to sit or stand on any part of the
appliance as they could be injured or burned.

Children must be taught that the appliance and utensils in
it can be hot. Let hot utensils cool in a safe place, out of
reach of small children. Children should be taught that an
appliance is not a toy. Children should not be allowed to
play with controls or other parts of the appliance.

About Your Appliance

Do not use the cooktop or oven as a storage area for food
or cooking utensils.

Cooking Safety

NEVER heat an unopened food container in the oven.
Pressure build-up may cause container to burst resulting
in serious personal injury or damage to the appliance.

Use dry, sturdy potholders. Damp potholders may cause
burns from steam. Dish towels or other substitutes should
be used as potholders because they can trail across
hot elements and ignite or get caught on appliance parts.

Wear proper apparel. Loose fitting or long hanging-
sleeved apparel should not be worn while cooking.
Clothing may ignite and cause burns if garment comes in
contact with heating elements.

Always place oven racks in the desired positions while
oven is cool. Slide oven rack out to add or remove food
using dry, sturdy potholders. Always avoid reaching into
the oven to add or remove food. If a rack must be moved
while hot, use a dry potholder. Do not let potholder
contact hot element in oven.

Use racks only in the oven in which they were shipped/

Use care when opening the oven door. Let hot air or steam
escape before removing or replacing food.

manufacturer’s instructions. If a plastic frozen food
container and/or its cover distorts, warps, or is otherwise
damaged during cooking, immediately discard the food
and its container. The food could be contaminated.

Do not allow aluminum foil or meat probe to contact
heating element.

Always turn off all controls when cooking is completed.


NEVER use an appliance as a step to reach cabinets
above. Misuse of appliance door, such as stepping,
leaning or sitting on the door, may result in possible
tipping of the appliance, breakage of door, and serious

To prevent potential hazard to the user and damage to the
appliance, do not use appliance as a space heater to heat
or warm a room. Also, do not use the oven as a storage
area for food or cooking utensils.

Do not obstruct the flow of air by blocking the oven vent.
The oven vent is located at the rear of the cooking surface.

SURFACES OF OVEN. Heating elements may be hot even
though they are dark in color. Interior surfaces of any oven
become hot enough to cause burns. During and after use,
do not touch, or let clothing or other flammable materials
contact heating elements or interior surfaces of oven until
they have had sufficient time to cool. Other surfaces of the
appliance may become hot enough to cause burns.
Among these surfaces are: oven vent opening and surface
near this opening, oven door, window of oven door.

Do not touch a hot oven light bulb with a damp cloth as
the bulb could break. Should the bulb break, disconnect
power to the appliance before removing bulb to avoid
electrical shock.

NEVER use aluminum foil to cover an oven rack or oven
bottom. Misuse could result in risk of electric shock, fire, or
damage to the appliance. Use foil only as directed in this


NEVER store items of interest to children in cabinets
above an appliance. Children climbing on the appliance
or on the appliance door to reach items could be
seriously injured.

Child Safety

Utensil Safety

Follow the manufacturer’s directions when using oven
cooking bags.

This appliance has been tested for safe performance
using conventional cookware. Do not use any devices or
accessories that are not specifically recommended in this
guide. Do not use add-on oven convection systems. The
use of devices or accessories that are not expressly
recommended in this guide can create serious safety
hazards, result in performance problems, and reduce the
life of the components of the appliance.

If pan is smaller than element, a portion of the element
will be exposed to direct contact and could ignite clothing
or potholder.