Troubleshooting, Storage drawer, Caution – Maytag MAGIC CHEF CER3725AGW User Manual

Page 8

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The storage drawer can be removed to allow you to clean under
the range.

To remove:

1. Empty drawer and pull out to the first stop position.

2. Lift up the front of the drawer.

Storage Drawer


Do not store plastic, paper products, food or flammable
materials in this drawer. The drawer may become too warm
for these items when the oven is in use.

For most concerns, try these first.

• Check if oven controls have been properly set.
• Check to be sure plug is securely inserted into receptacle.
• Check or re-set circuit breaker. Check or replace fuse.
• Check power supply.

Part or all of appliance does not

• Check if surface and/or oven controls have been properly set. See pages 9-12.


• Check if control is in Sabbath Mode. See page 13.

Baking results are not as

• Make sure the oven vent has not been blocked. See page 14 for location.

expected or differ from

• Check to make sure range is level.

previous oven.

• Temperatures often vary between a new oven and an old one. As ovens age, the oven

temperature often “drifts” and may become hotter or cooler. See page 13 for
instructions on adjusting the oven temperature (select models). Important: It is not
recommended to adjust the temperature if only one or two recipes are in question.

Food is not broiling properly or

• Check oven rack positions. Food may be too close to element.

smokes excessively.

• Broil element was not preheated.
• Aluminum foil was incorrectly used. Never line the broiler insert with foil.
• Oven door was closed during broiling. Leave the door open to the first stop position

(about 4 inches).

• Trim excess fat from meat before broiling.
• A soiled broiler pan was used.
• Voltage in house may be low.




3. Pull out to the second stop position.

4. Grasp sides and lift drawer top up and out.

To replace:

1. Fit the ends of the drawer glides into the rails in the range.

2. Lift up the front of the drawer and gently push in to the first

stop position.

3. Lift drawer up again and push until drawer is closed.