Maytag MDG50PCC User Manual

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IMPORTANT: Figures shown are for non-reversing models only. For reversing models contact the


3. Grounding

A ground (earth) connection must be provided and installed in accordance with state and local codes. In the
absence of these codes, grounding must conform to applicable requirements of the National Electrical Code
ANSI/NFPA NO. 70-LATEST EDITION, or in Canada, the installation must conform to applicable Canada
Standards: Canadian Electrical Codes Parts 1 & 2 CSA C22.1-1990 or LATEST EDITION. The ground
connection may be to a proven earth ground at the location service panel.

For added personal safety, when possible, it is suggested that a separate ground wire (no. 18 minimum) be
connected from the ground connection of the dryer to a grounded cold water pipe. DO NOT ground to a gas
pipe or hot water pipe
. The grounded cold water pipe must have metal-to-metal connection ALL the way to the
electrical ground. If there are any nonmetallic interruptions, such as, a meter, pump, plastic, rubber, or other
insulating connectors, they must be jumped out with no. 4 copper wire and securely clamped to bare metal at
both ends.

IMPORTANT: For personal safety and proper operation, the dryer must be grounded.

Provisions are made for ground connection in each dryer at the electrical service connection area.

4. Electrical Connections

A wiring diagram is located inside the control box for connection data.

If local codes permit, power to the dryer can be made by the use of a flexible U.L. listed power cord/pigtail
(wire size must conform to rating of dryer), or the dryer can be hard wired directly to the service breaker
panel. In both cases, a strain relief must be installed where the wiring enters the dryer.

Single-Phase (1ø) Wiring Connections/Hookup

The electrical input connections on ALL single-phase (1ø) gas dryers are made into the rear service box
located at the upper left area of the dryer.