Data label information – Maytag MDG50PCC User Manual

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When contacting the Maytag dealer certain information is required to ensure proper service/parts information.
This information is on the data label affixed to the left side panel area behind the top control (access) door.
When contacting the Maytag Co. please have the model number and serial number available.

1. MODEL NUMBER – Describes the size of the dryer and the type of heat (gas, electric, or steam).

2. SERIAL NUMBER – Allows the manufacturer to gather information on your particular dryer.

3. MANUFACTURING CODE NUMBER – The number issued by the manufacturer, which describes ALL possible options

on your particular model.

4. TYPE OF HEAT – This describes the type of heat for your particular dryer, gas (either natural gas or liquid propane [L.P.]

gas), electric, or steam.

5. HEAT INPUT (for GAS DRYERS) – This describes the heat input in British thermal units per hour (Btu/hr).

6. ORIFICE SIZE (for GAS DRYERS) – Gives the number drill size used.

7. ELECTRIC SERVICE – This describes the electric service for your particular model.

8. GAS MANIFOLD PRESSURE (for GAS DRYERS) – This describes the manifold pressure taken at the gas valve tap.