Maytag MDG50PCC User Manual

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3. Piping Connections

ALL components/materials must conform to National Fuel Gas Code Specifications ANSI Z223.1-LATEST
EDITION, or in Canada, CAN/CGA-B149.1-M91 (Natural Gas) or CAN/CGA-B149.2-M91 (Liquid
Propane [L.P.] Gas) or LATEST EDITION (for General Installation and Gas Plumbing), as well as local
codes and ordinances and must be done by a qualified professional. It is important that gas pressure
regulators meet applicable pressure requirements, and that gas meters be rated for the total amount of
ALL the appliance Btu being supplied.

The dryer is provided with a 1/2” N.P.T. inlet pipe connection extending out the back area of the burner
box. The minimum pipe size (supply line) to the dryer is 1/2” diameter. For ease in servicing, the gas supply
line of each dryer must have its own shutoff valve.

The size of the main gas supply line (header) will vary depending on the distance this line travels from the
gas meter or, in the case of L.P. gas, the supply tank, other gas-operated appliances on the same line, etc.
Specific information regarding supply line size should be determined by the gas supplier.

NOTE: Undersized gas supply piping can create a low or inconsistent pressure, which will result in

erratic operation of the burner ignition system.

Consistent gas pressure is essential at ALL gas connections. It is recommended that a 3/4-inch (19.05
mm) pipe gas loop be installed in the supply line servicing a bank of dryers. An in-line pressure regulator
must be installed in the gas supply line (header) if the (natural) gas pressure exceeds 12.0 inches (29.9
mb) of water column (W.C.) pressure. (Refer to the illustrations above.)