J. preoperational instructions, K. shutdown instructions – Maytag MDG50PCC User Manual

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6. The dryer should be operated through one (1) complete cycle to ensure that no further adjustments are

necessary and that ALL components are functioning properly.


The basket (tumbler) is treated with a protective coating. We suggest dampening old garments or cloth material
with a solution of water and nonflammable mild detergent and tumbling them in the basket (tumbler) to remove
this coating.


Microprocessor Controller (Computer)

1. When the microprocessor controller (computer) is in the ready state, the liquid crystal display (L.C.D.)

screen will display “Ready, Insert $XX.XX (amount) to Start.”

2. Insert coin(s). Once the correct “Amount To Start” has been inserted, the L.C.D. will display “Select


3. Select temperature by pressing “HI,” “MED,” or “LO.” The cycle will start and the L.C.D. will display the

Dry Cycle selected and the remaining time.

4. The dryer will continue through the drying and cooling cycles, until the vended time has expired.

NOTE: To stop dryer, open main door or press the pause key. Continuation of the cycle will resume

only after the door has been closed and any of the three (3) temperature selections is pressed.

5. Upon completion of drying and cooling cycles, the tone (buzzer) will sound and the dryer will go into the

Anti-Wrinkle mode for 99 minutes, or until the main door has been opened.

IMPORTANT: For more detailed information regarding the microprocessor controller (computer) on

your dryer, refer to the MP User’s manual included with the dryer.


If the dryer is to be shutdown (taken out of service) for a period of time, the following must be performed:

1. Discontinue power to the dryer either at the external disconnect switch or the circuit breaker.

2. Discontinue the gas supply:

a. SHUT OFF external gas supply shutoff valve.

b. SHUT OFF internal gas supply shutoff valve located in the gas valve burner area.