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6. Click on “LAN SETUP” under NETWORK.

7. Specify the “DHCP CLIENT”, “IP ADDRESS”,etc.

If your LAN has a DHCP server and you wish to obtain an

address automatically, change this setting to “ON”.

To set the address manually, set this to “OFF”.
If the DHCP CLIENT is set to “OFF”, specify an IP address.
If the DHCP CLIENT is set to “OFF”, specify the subnet mask.
If the DHCP CLIENT is set to “OFF”, specify the default gateway.

If you are not using a default gateway, specify “”.

8. When the setting is changed, click [Apply].

9. Check the message and click [OK].

10. Exit Internet Explorer.

11. Restore the PC’s IP address jotted in Step 6, “(2)

Specifying the PC’s IP address”.

12. Connect the monitor and the PC to the LAN.


• Wait 10 seconds after clicking [OK] before proceeding.

• When operating using the remote control unit or similar,

click [Refresh].


• When the IP address is set manually, the IP addresses of

the monitor connected to the RS-232C output terminal and

the daisy chain of connected monitors that follows can be

assigned automatically. (See page 22.)

Controlling with a PC

■ Basic operation

You use Internet Explorer on a PC on the LAN to control the


1. Launch Internet Explorer on the PC.

2. In the “Address” box, type “http://” followed by your monitor’s

IP address followed by “/”, then press the Enter key.

You can confirm the IP address with the DISPLAY function.

When prompted to enter a user name and password, type

the user name and password that you specified in the

security settings (see page 45), and click [OK].

If you did not make any security settings, leave the spaces

blank and click on [OK].

3. You can check, control, and change the monitor’s status

and settings by clicking the menu items on the left side of

the screen.

• If you see an [Apply] button next to a setting, click it after

you change that setting.


• See pages 44 to 48 for details on each setting.

• If you click [Refresh] before the screen finishes updating

the current display, the “Server Busy Error” will appear.

Wait for a moment before operating your monitor again.

• You cannot operate the monitor while it is warming up.
• If “DHCP CLIENT” is set to “ON”, press


on the

remote control unit two times and then check the monitor’s

IP address.

Controlling the Monitor with a PC (LAN)

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