Accessories, Optional extras – LG HX301G User Manual

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Names of parts


Ceiling mount for projector


Optional Extras

* Contact your dealer to purchase these items.

* Optional parts can be changed without notice to improve the quality of the product, and new optional parts can be added.

▪ Use a remote control up to 6 m distance and 30° (left/right) within the

receiving unit scope.

▪ We recommend you to use the remote control under 3 m distance and

30° (left/right) when the cables are connected in the back outputs.

▪ When you carry the remote control in the portable bag, make sure that

the buttons on the remote control are not pressed by the projector,
cables, documents or any other accessories in the bag. Otherwise, it
may reduce the battery life significantly.

Remote Control

AAA Battery

Owner’s manual

CD Owner’s manual

Power Cord

Computer Cable

AC-DC Adapter

RGB to Component Cable

Portable bag

Polishing Cloth

Projection Screen


HDMI Cable

Video Cable

Audio Cable

Component Cable

30° 30°

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