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Precautions when using the USB device

► Only a USB storage device is recognizable.

► If the USB storage device is connected through a USB hub, the device is not recognizable.

► A USB storage device using an automatic recognition programmed may not be recognized.

► A USB storage device which uses its own driver may not be recognized.

► The recognition speed of a USB storage device may depend on each device.

► Please do not turn off the projector or unplug the USB device when the connected USB storage device is working. When

such device is suddenly separated or unplugged, the stored files or the USB storage device may be damaged.

► Please do not connect the USB storage device which was artificially maneuvered on the PC. The device may cause the

product to malfunction or fail to be played. Never forget to use only a USB storage device which has normal music files,

image files, movie files or text files.

► Please use only a USB storage device which was formatted as a FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file system provided with the

Windows operating system. In case of a storage device formatted as a different utility programmed which is not support-

ed by Windows, it may not be recognized.

► Please connect power to a USB storage device which requires an external power supply. If not, the device may not be rec-


► Please connect a USB storage device with cable is offered by USB maker. If connected with cable is not offered by USB

maker or an excessively long cable, the device may not be recognized.

► Some USB storage devices may not be supported or operated smoothly.

► If the name of a folder or file is too long, it will not be displayed or recognized.

► File alignment method of USB storage device is similar to Window XP and filename can recognize up to 100 English


► Please backup the important file because a data of USB device may be damaged. Data management is consumer's

responsibility and in consequence the manufactures does not cover the product bearing data damage.

► The recommended capacity is 1TB or less for a USB external hard disk and 32GB or less for USB memory. Any device

with more than the recommended capacity may not work properly.

► Only the FAT32 file system supports the delete function.

► If the USB memory device does not work properly, disconnect and reconnect it.

► If a USB external hard disk with a “Energy Saving” function does not work, turn the hard disk off and on again to make it

work properly.

► USB storage devices below USB 2.0 are supported as well. But they may not work properly in the movie list.

► If your USB memory device has multiple partitions, or if you use a USB multi-card reader, you can use up to 4 partitions

or USB memory devices.

► How fast a USB memory device is detected differs from device to device.

► If the USB is connected in Standby Mode, specific hard disk will automatically be loaded when the projector is turned on.

► Some USB storage devices may not be supported or operated smoothly.

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