Installing and composition, Installation precautions – LG HX301G User Manual

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Installing and Composition


Installing and Composition

Provide proper ventilation for this projector.

Place this projector in adequate temperature and humidity conditions.

• Install this projector only in a location where adequate temperature and humidity is available. (refer page 42)

Don’t place the projector where it can be covered with dust.

• This may cause overheating of the projector.

This projector is manufactured using high-precision technology. You may, however, see tiny black points and/or bright

points (red, blue or green) that continuously appear on the projector Screen. This is a normal result of the manufacturing

process and does not indicate a malfunction.

To display DTV programs, it is necessary to purchase a DTV receiver (Set-top Box) and connect it to the projector.

Installation Precautions

The remote control may not work when a lamp equipped with electronic ballast or a three-wavelength lamp is installed.

Replace those lamps with international standard products to use the remote control normally.

Do not obstruct the slots and openings of the projector. This may cause overheating and create a fire hazard.

• The projector is equipped with ventilation holes(intake) on

the bottom and ventilation holes(exhaust) on the front. Do
not block or place anything near these holes. Internal heat
build-up may occur, causing picture degradation or dam-
age to the projector.

• Do not place the projector on a carpet, rug or other similar

surface. It may prevent a adequate ventilation of the pro-
jector bottom. This product should be mounted to a wall
or ceiling only.

• Never push projector or spill any kind of liquid into the


• Leave an adequate distance (30 cm or more) around the


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