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RGB Config. Function

1. Press the

STILL button on the remote control.

* You can freeze the moving image.

2. To exit STILL, press any button.

* The STILL function will release automatically after approximately 10 minutes.

Using the Still Function

< Moving Image >

< Still Image >

RGB Config.

Auto Config.






1024 x 768

1280 x 768
1360 x 768

Move ꕉPrev.

Press the

AUTO button of the remote control.

• If you execute screen adjustment for a video from PC graphic signal, optimal

state may not be found. Execute the

Auto Config. function for a still image.

• You can use this function through the

MENU button.

Auto Configure Function

* This function assures you of getting the best video quality by automatically adjusting the horizontal size and

synchronization of the image.

* Auto Tracking function works in RGB PC input only.

Auto config.

1. Press the

MENU button. Then, move to SCREEN with the

, ∨, <, > buttons and press the

OK button.

2. Press the ∧, ∨ buttons to move to

RGB Config. and press


OK button.

3. Move to a desired item with the ∧, ∨ buttons and then

press the > button.

4. Press the ∧, ∨, <, > button to adjust the screen condi-

tion as you want and then press the

OK button.

• Resolution can be chosen between 768 resolution (1024x768/1280x768/1360x768, 60Hz).
• Press the

BACK button to exit the menu screen.

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