Nikon SF-200 User Manual

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4.2 Removing slides

Slides will be sent to the ejection magazine after scanning. To remove slides from the ejection magazine,
pull back the push plate and remove the slides. Slides must be removed before the ejection magazine
fills up.

4.3 Using the Feed-Mechanism Attachment

Thick mounts (over 2 mm thick) with rounded edges may not feed properly when used with the SF-
200 (S). A removable plastic par t is provided for attachment to the feed mechanism, enabling the
scanner to feed such slides. A special attachment utility program, provided with the Nikon Scan soft-
ware that came with your scanner, is required both when attaching this part to and removing it from the
feed mechanism.

To attach the feed-mechanism attachment, the scanner must be connected to the computer and both
scanner and computer must be on. After inserting the SF-200 (S) into the scanner as described above,
open the FDUtility (Windows) or Utility (Macintosh) folder in the folder to which you installed
Nikon Scan and then double-click the Attachment Utility icon to start the attachment utility.

The attachment utility window will appear on the desktop. If more than one scanner is attached to your
computer and powered on, select the scanner to which the SF-200 (S) is attached from the select a
pop-up menu.

Nikon Scan does not support simultaneous connection of more than one 4000 ED. If more than one
scanner of the same type is connected, only one of the devices will appear in the Tools menu.



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