Nikon SF-200 User Manual

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4.5 What to do if the feeder jams

If a jam occurs, open the magazine cover and remove the slides remaining in the feed and eject maga-
zines. Pull back the feed push-plate and hook it in the notch so that it does not spring back to its original

The method for resolving a jam depends on the position of the feed mechanism when the jam oc-
curred. If the jammed slide is visible in the magazine and the feed mechanism has returned to its
housing in the front of the unit, the jammed slide can be removed with your fingers. If the feed
mechanism has locked while feeding a slide, you will need to use the attachment utility to resolve the
jam (the attachment utility is a special program for the SF-200 (S) distributed with the Nikon Scan
software that came with your scanner).

To use the attachment utility, open the FDUtility (Windows) or Utility (Macintosh) folder in the
folder to which you installed Nikon Scan and double-click the Attachment Utility icon to start the
attachment utility.



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