Nikon SF-200 User Manual

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• Do not load slides in the feed magazine past the load mark, as this may cause the feeder to jam.
• Do not move the scanner while scanning is in progress.
• Remove scanned slides from the ejection magazine before the magazine is full. Continuing scanning

when there is no room left in the ejection magazine could jam the feeder.

• Do not remove the feeder while scanning is in progress.
• Before turning the scanner off or removing the feeder, make sure that all slides have been removed

from the magazine and that the last slide to be fed has been ejected.


• Slides must be from 1.0 mm to 3.2 mm thick.
• Mounts with rough surfaces could cause the feeder to jam.
• Do not use mounts with peeling or burred edges, mounts to which seals or labels have been affixed,

or mounts with sharp corners. Such mounts could jam the feeder or cause problems during scan-

• The feeder does not function equally well with all makes of slide mount. Makes that have projecting

parts or are not of an even thickness may jam in the feeder.

• Avoid slides with warped mounts. Warped slides may jam if placed in the feeder as shown below.

• Do not load slides into the feeder with the longer side of the aperture facing the scanner, as this

could damage the film or slide mount or cause the feeder to jam. Inser t slides as shown by the
insertion guide sticker next to the feed magazine.

Insertion guide


Slide feeder viewed
from above

To scanner

Warped slide mount

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