Nikon SF-200 User Manual

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The SF-200 (S) can be mounted on the scanner whether the scanner is off or on and connected to a
computer. If the scanner is on, before mounting the feeder check that the status LED is glowing steadily.
The SF-200 (S) should


be inserted or removed while the status LED is blinking.

The scanner must be on its base before the SF-200 (S) can be inserted. If the scanner is currently
installed on its side, turn the scanner onto its base. Slide the SF-200 (S) into the scanner’s adapter slot,
stopping when the feeder contacts the back of the slot. The feeder should be oriented as shown below
when inserted. Push the feeder until the connector on the rear of the feeder is seated securely in the
socket at the back of the slot. The feeder is properly inserted if the status LED on the front of the
feeder lights when the scanner is turned on. If the scanner is on when the feeder is inserted, the feeder’s
status LED will blink to indicate that the feeder has been inserted correctly. In all other respects, the
feeder LED functions in the same way as the scanner status LED.

Status LED

If the feed mechanism for the SF-200 (S) is not in the initial position when the scanner is turned on, you
will need to wait a few seconds for the feed mechanism to return to initial position before inserting


• Wait until the status LED glows steadily or the scanner is off before inserting or removing the

SF-200 (S). Do not attempt to remove or insert the feeder while the scanner is operating.

• When the SF-200 (S) is inserted with the power on, or the scanner turned on after the feeder has

been inserted with the power off, the feed mechanism will return to the initial position. While this
operation is in progress, the status LED on the front of the feeder will blink. Do not perform any
operations while the LED is blinking.

• If the feeder does not slide in smoothly, remove it from the adapter slot and try again. Do not use


The illustration shows the SUPER COOLSCAN 4000 ED

Power switch

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