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1. Overview

Thank you for your purchase of an SF-200 (S) slide feeder for 4000 ED (SUPER COOLSCAN 4000 ED)
and LS-2000 (SUPER COOLSCAN 2000) Nikon film scanners. The SF-200 (S), which can hold up to
fifty mounts 1.5 mm in thickness, automates the scanning of consecutive 35 mm slides. Like the other
adapters for the 4000 ED and LS-2000, the SF-200 (S) can be inserted while the scanner is on and
connected to a computer.

This manual describes the procedures for unpacking, setting up, and connecting the feeder to your
scanner. The next chapter, “Parts and Accessories,” details the contents of the package and the parts of
the feeder. This is followed by “Installation,” which describes how to connect the feeder to the scanner.
In “Using the SF-200 (S),” the procedures for loading and removing slides are explained. The final chapter,
Maintenance,” gives instructions on how to care for and transport the feeder. Please read all instruc-
tions thoroughly to ensure that you can get the most from your SF-200 (S).

The procedures for scanning consecutive slides with the SF-200 (S) may be found in the software
reference manuals provided on the CD-ROM that came with your scanner.

We hope that you find this manual helpful.

A Note on Nikon Scan

If you are using the SF-200 (S) with LS-2000 film scanners, note that although Nikon Scan version 2.0
supports the SF-200 (S), it does not allow scanned images to be saved automatically. We recommend
that you upgrade to version 2.1 or later. To determine the version currently installed on your computer:

Windows: click the

button in the Nikon Scan applet

Macintosh: select About Nikon Scan from the Apple (

) menu

For information on upgrading to Nikon Scan 2.1 or later, visit the following URL:





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