Using the sf-200 (s) – Nikon SF-200 User Manual

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Close the magazine cover. You are now ready to begin scanning. For details on automatic consecutive
scanning of multiple slides, refer to the software reference manual.

Slides can be loaded into the feed magazine up to the load mark. Do not attempt to fill the magazine
past this point. Once the feed magazine is loaded, release the push plate from the notch and slide it
back until rests against the slides.

4. Using the SF-200 (S)

This chapter describes how to load the SF-200 (S), how to remove slides, and how to deal with jams.

4.1 Loading the feeder

Slides to be scanned are inserted in the feed magazine. To load the magazine, open the magazine cover,
pull back the feed push-plate to the end of its grove, and hook it in the notch so that it does not spring
back to its original position. Place the slides in the magazine with the long end of the aperture up and
the emulsion surface facing the push plate (the images in the slides should be reversed when viewed
from the magazine side). Scanning will be considerably simplified if the slides are all inserted in the same

Load mark


Magazine cover

Push plate

Ejection magazine

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