Nikon SF-200 User Manual

Page 14

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The attachment utility window will appear on the desktop. If more than one scanner is attached to your
computer and powered on, select the scanner to which the SF-200 (S) is attached from the select a
pop-up menu.

Nikon Scan does not support simultaneous connection of more than one 4000 ED. If more than one
scanner of the same type is connected, only one of the devices will appear in the Tools menu.

If the feed mechanism has locked while pushing a slide, click the double left-arrow button in the attach-
ment utility window to move the feed mechanism back to its housing, then remove the jammed slide
with your fingers. If two or more slides have jammed so that they overlap, remove the slide on the
magazine side first. If the mount has caught at the entrance to the ejection magazine while being
ejected from the feeder, click the right arrow button to move the feed mechanism out of the way, then
push the slide back gently back towards the scanner to clear the jam. Using the left-arrow button,
return the feed mechanism to its housing (if this does not clear the jam, you will need to take the feeder
to a Nikon service center for repairs).

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