Rear panel, Rj-45 network ports, Twisted pair cables – NetComm NP2008 User Manual

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Rear panel

The rear panel of the NP2008 switch has eight auto-sensing 10/100 Mbps
Ethernet ports and a power jack for connection of the supplied plug-pack.

RJ-45 Network ports

All of the ports on the NP2008 are 10/100 Mbps capable auto-sensing
Ethernet ports. Each port supports only unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable
using an 8-pin RJ-45 plug. The NP2008 provides an UP-Link feature for cas-
cading multiple switches. Port 8 can been configured as a normal switch port
or as an UP-Link port utilising the UP-Link selection switch .

Twisted pair cables

These following diagrams illustrate the use of straight-through and crossover
twisted pair cables along with the connector.


8 x RJ45 10/100 Ports

RJ-45 plug attached
to cable

RJ-45 Connector Normal Assignment

Pin Assignment


Input Receive Data +


Input Receive Data -


Output Transmit Data +


Output Transmit Data -


Not used

Pin 8