Straight and crossover cable configuration, Application examples – NetComm NP2008 User Manual

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Straight and crossover cable configuration

For two devices to communicate, the transmitter of each device must be con-
nected to the receiver of the other device. The crossover function is usually
implemented internally as part of the circuitry in the device. Most ports on
switches and repeaters have media-dependent interfaces with crossover
ports. These ports are referred to as MDI-X or normal ports. Computer and
workstation adapter cards are usually media-dependent interface ports re-
ferred to as MDI or uplink ports.

Application examples

The NP2008 switch is designed to provide full flexibility in configuring your net-
work connections. The switch can be used as a standalone device or it can be
used up linked to other 10Mbps, 100Mbps hubs, switches or other intercon-
nection devices such as internet gateways and routers.

The configuration example over illustrates the NP2008 in a basic network envi-
ronment connected to several Desktop PC’s sharing files and peripherals.