Preparation before connecting your switch – NetComm NP2008 User Manual

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Basic Desktop Network Switch

The NP2008 switch is used as a desktop switch to build a small network
that enables its users to have 100 Mbps access to other PC’s on the net-
work and share files and resources.

Preparation before connecting your switch

Before you install your switch, prepare for the installation. Make sure you
will be operating the unit within the specified voltage and temperature lim-
To install your switch on a flat surface, simply install the included rubber
feet within the outlines on the bottom surface of the unit. Ensure the
switch is positioned with at least 50mm of space on all sides for adequate

To install the switch on a wall, measure the distance between the mount-
ing holes on the back of the switch and mark the wall to match that meas-
ured distance. At the marked location, screw into the wall two suitably
sized screws.

Choose a location that is near the devices to be connected, is close to a
suitable electrical outlet, and provides at least 50mm of space all around
the switch for ventilation.

Basic Desktop Network with no server.