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Mitel 5330 IP Phone
Quick Reference User Guide

Introduction to your Mitel 5330 IP Phone

The Mitel 5330 IP Phone provides the similar functionality as the Mitel 3000 Feature Phone.
It can be connected directly to the Mitel 3000 system or installed at a remote location and
connected to the system via the Internet. When connected remotely, it retains all the
functionality and features of an extension directly connected to the system.

Extension Pairing

The IP Phone can be paired with another extension. For example, a user can have two
paired extensions, one in the office and one at home. By entering a 3-digit code in either
extension, the office extension can be transferred to the user’s home and the home
extension transferred to the office. The extension number and all programmed features,
including voicemail, are transferred, providing the user with all their normal telephony
facilities at home.

Call Quality

When the IP Phone is installed at a remote location, it uses the Internet to connect to the
Mitel 3000 system. The call quality depends on the amount of bandwidth available to the
IP Phone via the Internet connection. If the IP Phone is sharing the Internet connection
with PCs which are browsing or engaged in file transfers, the call quality may vary during
this activity.

Introduction to Programming your Mitel 5330 IP Phone

There are three steps of programming before your Mitel 5330 IP Phone is active.
Step 1. Program the Broadband Module.
Step 2 Connecting the Mitel 5330 IP Phone.
Step 3 Program the Mitel 5330 IP Phone.

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