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Mitel 5330 IP Phone

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1. Programming the Broadband Module.

Before attempting to program IP extensions it is important that the following are


If any of the IP extensions are located remotely ensure that the broadband service

is connected to and working on the Broadband Module. The VoIP programming is not

available unless an IP address is provided on the WAN interface. This address is shown

on the status page. See the broadband module manual for more information.

The broadband service provides a static IP address.

If the IP extensions are located on the LAN only and no broadband service is sup-

ported then the VoIP interface must be changed to IP LAN. See the broadband

module manual for more information.

1. Connect to the Broadband Module programming Interface using the Wizard
or Browser Click VoIP from the Setup panel in the main Broadband Module

WARNING Your service provider MUST provide a static IP address for

IP phones to work remotely.

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