NetComm 5330 User Manual

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Mitel 5330 IP Phone
Quick Reference User Guide


Note: Voicemail services require the Voicemail Module to be installed.

To Enter a personal greeting

Press the Message Key


Select  Voice Mailbox
Select  Enter your extension or select Other to access the
System Mail Voicebox (ext 0).
Select  Enter Password followed by #.
Select  Greeting.

Follow the instructions on the display or listen to the voice

Turn on your voicemail

Divert on “no answer” to the Voice Mailbox is automatically set

when a voice mailbox is allocated to your extension.

You may also select the other Divert options as required.

Scroll down

Select  Divert
Select  Divert when busy or
Select  Divert all calls
Select “Divert to voicemail”

Retrieve messages from your voice mailbox

Select  New voice messages
Enter your Extension number. You will be prompted to
Enter your Voice Mailbox Password, followed by #.
Select  Play.

Change your Voice Mailbox Password.


, then

Select  Voice Mailbox and enter your Extension
Enter your existing password, (default is ), followed
by #.
Scroll down
Select  Change password and
Enter your new password (up to 8 digits long - e.g.
Select  Confirm

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