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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Powerline technology?

HomePlug technology uses your electrical grid, already available inside the walls of your house or office to transmit data from computer to
computer. HomePlug technology modulates computer data in a way that enables them to use the power grid as a medium of transmission from
point to point. Using this technology, two computers have a virtual ethernet connection without the need to be physically connected to each other.

Is Powerline technology compatible with other home networking technologies (including phone line, wireless, and structured

Powerline technology does not cause interference to other technologies. In fact, a great deal of work was done to ensure that the products using
Powerline technology would co-exist with other methods of home networking.

Because power outlets are located in nearly every wall of a home, they are a logical choice to use for data connection. even though some newer
homes are built “network-ready” and pre-wired with Category 5 wiring, they are likely to have rooms or walls without available connectivity.
Powerline technology also eliminates some of the problems with wireless networking, allowing access points to be moved to more convenient
locations in the home thus reducing the need for multiple wireless access points and improving coverage.


Are the NP285 Powerline Adapter compatible with Linux? Can they be used on any other operating system?

the NP��� Powerline Adapters can be used on all tCP/IP operating systems with an ethernet port. Drivers are not required for this adapter. But
the supplied Configuration Utility software which assigns the network password operates only with Windows operating systems.

There is no problem with using the Configuration Utility to configure a NP285 Powerline Adapter on a Windows computer and then use the
configured Adapter on a TCP/IP operating system (such as Linux) with an Ethernet port.

Is the NP285 Powerline Adapter compatible with other LAN products?

�ou can combine the NP��� Powerline Adapter with all other LAN products or with all devices which conform to the Ieee �0�.3 standard.

Does the NP285 Powerline Adapter interfere with other domestic appliances?

No, it will not. The NP285 Powerline Adapter is certified according to all essential standards.

Do other domestic appliances interfere with the NP285 Powerline Adapter in their normal operating modes?

All devices that are sold within Australia must have the appropriate certification. For example in Australia all electrical products must be labelled
with the C-tick emblem to show that they conform to the Australian standard. this ensures that devices do not interfere with each other.

Does the NP285 Powerline Adapter stand for Internet over Power Line?

�es and No! the NP��� allows you to build a network to make your ADSL or Cable Internet connection available to all power sockets. However,
keep in mind that the Internet connection isn’t provided via the power lines coming into your house but is provided via an ADSL/Cable modem
connected to your ISP service.

Which devices do I need for the initial installation of a NP285 Powerline Adapter network?

�ou always need a minimum of two adapters for the initial installation. If you want to connect your network to the Internet, you need at least one
adapter to be connected to an ADSL/Cable modem (only one participant of the network can use the Internet) or to an ADSL/Cable modem router
(all participants of the network can use the Internet at the same time).

Can the NP285 Powerline Adapter be operated in other countries in the world or is it restricted to a specified region?

the NP��� Powerline Adapter has a standard power plug for connection to Australian power outlets only.

How many NP285 Powerline Adapters can I operate within a family home?

��3 connections are theoretically possible. But in practice, no more than ten (10) devices should be connected and transferring data at the same

If one NP285 Powerline Adapter is connected to a LAN Switch, is it possible that all other computers connected to the Switch can
communicate with all other NP285 Powerline Adapter members?

�es, this is possible.

Can I create a group of several NP285 Powerline Adapters into a private group and have a common password for that group

Yes, you can. You can use the Configuration Utility to set a common network password within the group or network.