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Powerline Adapters User Guide


Powerline Adapters User Guide

Powerline Adapters User Guide

Powerline Adapters User Guide


NetComm Powerline


Series - Powerline Adapters 85Mbps Twin Pack


Can my neighbour listen to my data when he is connected to the same power supply?

�our electric meter dampens the signal enormously and represents a natural barrier from your neighbour.

However, if you have power supply lines lying unfavourably close to your neighbour’s power lines, it is possible that your neighbour will benefit from
an unintentional phase coupling. We therefore strongly advise you to use the internal device security encryption! By using the Configuration Utility,
enter a network password (that is different from the factory default) and activate the encryption. this will stop eves dropping.

How safe is my data? Is it possible to tap into it in some way?

We strongly advise you to enable the internal device security encryption! this will only allow other NP��� Powerline Adapters to communicate with
each other, providing they have the same password.


What is the power consumption (in watt) of the NP285 Powerline Adapter from the 240 volt power supply?

the power consumption of the NP��� Powerline Adapter is 3.6 watts, drawn from the power supply system.

On which level does the NP285 Powerline Adapter transmit?

the transmitting power spectrum is -�0dBm/Hz, on amateur radio frequencies -�0dbm/Hz, with a bandwidth of about 17mHz and that is about
+��dBm (160mW) or about -�dBm (160uW) (all values based on �0 ohm). As the coupling is symmetrical, only a small part of this performance is

Is the NP285 Powerline Adapter compatible with Powerline devices from other manufacturers?

to obtain the optimum performance and usability, we recommend that you only use the NP��� Powerline Adapter. they are tested and have
proven interoperability.

Furthermore, the NP��� Powerline Adapter is also compatible with the HomePlug1.0 standard, i.e. it operates with all other devices being
compatible to this standard.

In my house there are three separate phases. Can the NP285 Powerline Adapter connect one phase to another?

�es, it can. Phase coupling operates without the installation of a phase coupler using the NP��� Powerline Adapter. �ou also can establish your
network connections via two or three phases.

I’m living in a very old house with old power supply lines partly without a separated earth wire. Does the NP285 Powerline
Adapter operate in this circumstance?

the NP��� Powerline Adapter will also operate correctly in this case.

Can I plug the NP285 Powerline Adapter into an extension cable or into a multi socket power board or do I have to plug it directly
in the wall socket?

�es, you can plug the NP��� Powerline Adapter into an extension cable or into a multi socket power board, but remember, the greater the
number of cables and power boards you have the greater the possibility of performance issues.

Do I have to worry about an electric shock from the Ethernet connection?

No, you don’t have to. The two electric circuits are separated from each other.

On which frequencies does the NP285 Powerline Adapter operate? Does this technology interfere with the amateur or normal
Radio reception?

Typically, today’s radio reception (FM) takes place in the range of 87.2 to 108MHz. The frequencies used by the NP285 Powerline Adapter are in
the range of 4mHz to �1mHz so they cannot interfere with your radio reception.

The technology is based on the HomePlug standard in which the transmitting levels are specifically lower in the amateur radio band. The
transmitting level is very low and by symmetrical coupling only a small part of this power will be radiated by the power grid.

Is there a risk that electromagnetic interference will be distributed all-over the house, even to the neighbours, when using the
NP285 Powerline Adapters?

the NP��� Powerline Adapter is tested to the same norms as other electric devices (C-tick and emR). the NP��� generates the same noise
level as other electrical equipment. the NP��� Powerline Adapter does not produce any more interference than a modern electric power drill.

House hold power circuits operate at 50Hz. Is it possible to achieve reasonable ping times in the range of milliseconds?

The NP285 Powerline Adapter doesn’t operate at the 50Hz alternating frequency. It operates in the Megahertz (MHz) range. Hence the ping times
are in the range of msec.

Is the data carrier rate high enough for a conventional DSL connection?

the bandwidth of the NP��� Powerline Adapter depends on the interferences on your power cabling and of the quality of the electrical installation.
It ranges from 14 MBit to 85 MBit (a conventional DSL connection has 0.512 MBit download and 0.128 MBit upload rates). This is quite sufficient
for extending a DSL connection to all the rooms in your house.