Installing the security and configuration utility, Installation, Uninstallation – NetComm Powerline Adapter 85Mbps User Manual

Page 9: About network security with the np, Netcomm powerline, Series - powerline adapters 85mbps twin pack

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Powerline Adapters User Guide


Powerline Adapters User Guide

Powerline Adapters User Guide

Powerline Adapters User Guide


NetComm Powerline


Series - Powerline Adapters 85Mbps Twin Pack

Installing the Security and

Configuration Utility



Locate a power outlet near to your Computer. ensure that the power is switched off. Plug the NP��� into the power outlet.


Connect the ethernet cable to the NP��� Powerline Adapter and the other end of the cable to the ethernet port on your PC.


turn on your computer and allow it to boot up.


turn on the power to the NP��� and ensure that the PWR LeD is on. �ou will also notice that the etH-LINK/ACt LeD will also be on
indicating that the NP��� is connected to your PC.


Install the Configuration Utility. The Configuration Utility Installation CD has an autorun menu system. Click on the button to Install the Utility.
If the autorun menu system fails to run, please run the Setup.exe file on the CD. The Setup.exe file can be found in the root directory of
the CD.


Follow the on screen instructions to install the Configuration Utility.


Please refer to the next pages to run the Configuration Utility.

1) Before connecting the NP285 Powerline Adapter, please note its Password located on the Product ID label on each NP285 Adapter and keep it available for configuration of the


2) No drivers are required for the installation of the NP285 Powerline Adapter. The Security and Configuration Utility is only necessary if you wish to set your network security or see

what other Adapter devices are connected to your HomePlug Network.



To uninstall the Configuration Utility, go to the Control Panel of your system.


open the Add/Remove Programs.


Select and double click on the PowerPacket Utilities in the Add/Remove Programs Properties.


Follow the on screen instructions to uninstallation the Configuration Utility.

About Network Security with the NP���

Network Security

Normally the electric meter forms a physical barrier, i.e. only devices connected to this meter can be part of the network and benefit from the
phase coupling. We strongly recommend that you use the NP285 Powerline Adapter internal device encryption. Encryption is configured with the
NP285 Powerline Adapter Configuration Utility. Refer to following pages.

How to Use Passwords Correctly

�ou can improve your security substantially by following some important rules regarding the use of passwords.

Keep your passwords as secret as possible.

Never write a password down. Popular, but completely unsuitable storage options include notebooks, wallets and text files in computers.

Do not pass on your password unnecessarily.

Select a random password. Use random strings of letters and numbers. Passwords from common language usage are not secure.

Change the password regularly or immediately if you feel it has been compromised.

Passwords should be changed as frequently as possible. this requires a little effort, but increases your security considerably. even if only
the slightest indication of a leak exists, the password should be changed.


Always keep your network secure and use the internal device encryption (the network password) for security. The NP285 can be configured using the NP285 Powerline
Configuration Utility, refer to the following pages.

Network Volume

the maximum number of HomePlug Adapters in a single-family house is theoretically ��3 connections, but in practice no more than 10 devices
should be transferring data simultaneously.