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Introduction to the NP���

Powerline Adapters

one of the major drawbacks in setting up a home network is the absence of the required wiring inside the house to interconnect networked

In recent years several technologies have attempted to address this issue. the most prominent technology so far is the family of WIFI (�0�.11
X) products. Recently, however, another technology called Powerline has been introduced. It uses electrical power circuits within the walls of a
building to transmit data from computer to computer. Powerline technology modulates computer data in a way that enables them to use the
power circuit as a medium of transmission from point to point. Using this technology, two computers have a virtual ethernet connection without
the need to be physically connected to each other.

the NP��� Powerline Adapters are simple to install and use. they have 3 indicator lights (LeDs) and an ethernet port. the LeDs display the
connection status, as well as other information, enabling detailed diagnosis of system malfunction. the ethernet port on the NP��� is used to
connect to a network device in the home environment. the NP��� Powerline Adapter has a Australian standard power plug for connection to a
power outlet.

Typical computer networking applications in the home or office:


Share centrally stored data


Share a printer


Provide shared access to one Internet connection


Connect multiple gaming users over a network.


extend an ADSL or Cable modem connection.

.........and many, many more.


Product warranty does not apply to damage caused by lightning, power surges or wrong voltage usage.

Package Contents

make sure that you have the following items in your Powerline Adapter Kit. If any of the items are damaged or missing, please contact your dealer

� x NP��� Powerline Adapters

� x CAt-� UtP Straight ethernet

Network Cables (RJ-4�)

Installation CD containing Utility Software

and NP��� User Guide