NetComm Powerline Adapter 85Mbps User Manual

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I have the impression, that the carrier rate, which is indicated by the Configuration Utility, are uncommonly low. Which values are
in the realm of normality and what can I do to boost the carrier rate?

Please remember that the carrier rate falls with increasing reach (up to �000 square feet) and the number of adapters installed. 10 Adapters are
ideal. the maximum throughput that the technology can support is about ��mbits per second. A more common rate would be ~�0mbits.

to increase the data rate you should ensure that the NP��� Powerline Adapter is directly plugged into the wall socket. Do not use unnecessary
extension cable or multi sockets power boards if you wish to achieve maximum carrier rate.

If this cannot be avoided, please ensure that any multi socket power board do not have any over-voltage or surge protector. this could impair or
even inhibit data transmission. Plug in the least number of devices as well.

In order to increase the distance of my NP285 Powerline Adapter Network, I am looking for a HomePlug Ethernet repeater. Do you
have such a product?

�ou can increase the distance by combining two NP��� Powerline Adapter networks with two different network passwords. the repeater is built
up by two standard NP��� Powerline Adapters, which you simply connect via an ethernet RJ4� cable. Please note that physically you are still
using one medium, this means the bandwidth will be shared between both networks. �ou can repeat this procedure several times.