National Instruments FIELDPOINT FP-1600 User Manual

Fp-1600, Features, Kit contents and optional equipment

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July 1999



FieldPoint 10/100 Ethernet
Network Module

These operating instructions describe the installation, features, and
characteristics of the FP-1600. For more detailed information on
using the network module, refer to the FP-1600 user manual.


The FP-1600 is a FieldPoint network module with the following

Autonegotiating 10/100 Ethernet network interface

Built-in high efficiency power supply powers I/O modules

Network watchdog timer

SnapShot capability and programmable power-up state

–40 to +55 °C operation

Connects to an Ethernet network using the TCP/IP protocol

Supports up to nine I/O modules

Runs on 11 to 30 VDC power

Kit Contents and Optional Equipment

Your kit contains the following items:

FP-1600 network module

Accessories: protective connector cover, two DIN rail stops,
Device Description diskette

You can order the following optional equipment from National

Panel mount accessory, part number 777609-01