What's in the box, Step 1 - installing your modem, What’s in the box – NetComm IN5699 User Manual

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Rev.2 - YML609


InModem56 V.92

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Thank you for purchasing a genuine NetComm product.

Follow the steps in this Quick Start Guide to correctly install your InModem56 V.92 and
begin data, fax and voice communications.

What’s in the Box?

NetComm InModem 56 V.92 ( IN5699_4)

RJ-11 Telephone cable

Quick Start User Guide

NetComm Driver CD

NetComm Product CD

Your NetComm Driver CD contains all the drivers, manuals and software that you will
need to fully utilise your NetComm InModem56.


This device should be fitted and
installed under normal operation.
Any damage caused by
abnormal installation or operation
is not included in the
manufacturer’s warranty.

NOTE: Do not force it.

1. Ensure the computer is shut down

correctly, with the power off and the
power cable unplugged, before
beginning installation of your

2. Take the cover off the CPU (central

processing unit) and carefully slip the
modem into the appropriate vacant
PCI slot. Ensure the “golden edge” of
the modem card is correctly
positioned so it easily fits into a PCI

Step 1 - Installing your Modem

To install the NetComm InModem 56 V.92 into your computer, you may wish to refer to
the user’s manual for your computer and follow the instructions below.