ZANKER KBA 17401 SK User Manual

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Possible cause


Water flows on the rear plate
of the refrigerator.

During the automatic defrosting proc-
ess, frost defrosts on the rear plate.

This is correct.

Water flows into the refrigera-

The water outlet is clogged.

Clean the water outlet.

Products prevent that water flows in-
to the water collector.

Make sure that products do not touch
the rear plate.

Water flows on the ground.

The melting water outlet does not
flow in the evaporative tray above
the compressor.

Attach the melting water outlet to the
evaporative tray.

The temperature in the appli-
ance is too low.

The temperature regulator is not set

Set a higher temperature.

The temperature in the appli-
ance is too high.

The temperature regulator is not set

Set a lower temperature.

The door is not closed correctly.

Refer to "Closing the door".

The product temperature is too high.

Let the product temperature decrease
to room temperature before storage.

Many products are stored at the
same time.

Store less products at the same time.

There is no cold air circulation in the

Make sure that there is cold air circula-
tion in the appliance.

Replacing the lamp

Caution! Disconnect the plug from the mains

1. Remove the

screw from the
lamp cover.

2. Remove the

lamp cover (refer
to the illustra-

3. Replace the

used lamp with a
new lamp of the same power and specifically de-

signed for household appliances (the maximum
power is shown on the lamp cover).

4. Install the lamp cover.
5. Tighten the screw to the lamp cover.
6. Connect the plug to the mains socket.
7. Open the door. Make sure that the light comes on.

Closing the door

1. Clean the door gaskets.
2. If necessary, adjust the door. Refer to "Installa-


3. If necessary, replace the defective door gaskets.

Contact the Service Center.