System throughput, Wait time – Oracle Audio Technologies A86828-01 User Manual

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What is Performance Tuning?


Oracle HTTP Server powered by Apache Performance Guide

In parallel processing with multiple resources, more resources are available to the
tasks. Each independent task executes immediately using its own resource: no wait
time is involved.

System Throughput

System throughput is the amount of work accomplished in a given amount of time.
You can increase throughput by:

Reducing service time

Reducing overall response time by increasing the amount of scarce resources
available. For example, if the system is CPU bound, and you can add more

Wait Time

While the service time for a task may stay the same, wait time will lengthen with
increased contention. If many users are waiting for a service that takes one second,
the tenth user must wait 9 seconds.

Figure 1–2

shows the relationship between wait

time and resource contention.

Figure 1–2

Wait time rising with increased contention for a resource