Oracle Audio Technologies A86828-01 User Manual

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Monitoring the Web Server

Monitoring Your Web Server


The script is designed to be run by cron (or an equivalent daemon that executes
commands at intervals). To use the script, you must modify the following
configuration variables:

Enabling server status is very useful if an httpd process is not responding, and you
need to identify that process. Operating system utilities such as ps, top, or pmap do
not identify which process is not responding.

For more information on mod_status, see:

Table 2–2

Log status script variables




The pathname of the log file location, for example:


The script creates a file name, such as: 20010945.


Port number of the server to monitor. The default is 80.


The server host name. The default is localhost.


The server status request with the auto parameter as entered in
the browser, for example: