Effects of excessive demand, Adjustments to relieve problems – Oracle Audio Technologies A86828-01 User Manual

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What is Performance Tuning?


Oracle HTTP Server powered by Apache Performance Guide

Effects of Excessive Demand

Excessive demand increases response time and reduces throughput, as shown in

Figure 1–4

. If there is any possibility of the demand rate exceeding the achievable

throughput, a demand limiter (such as MaxClients in the Oracle HTTP Server and
security.maxConnections in JServ) is essential. Look at the possible demands that
may be placed on the system and design the application or configure the system
with these constraints in mind.

Figure 1–4

Increased Demand/Reduced Throughput

Adjustments to Relieve Problems

Performance problems can be relieved by making adjustments in the following

unit consumption

Reducing the resource (CPU, memory)
consumption of each request can improve
performance. This might be achieved by
pooling and caching.

functional demand

Rescheduling or redistributing the work
will relieve some problems.


Increasing or reallocating resources (e.g.,
CPUs) relieves some problems.