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Page 62: Oraclejsp page performance tuning

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What is OracleJSP?


Oracle HTTP Server powered by Apache Performance Guide

singleThreadModelServlet.initialCapacity = 10

singleThreadModelServlet.incrementCapacity = 0

singleThreadModelServlet.maximumCapacity = 10

What is OracleJSP?

OracleJSP is Oracle’s implementation of the Sun Microsystems JavaServer
Pages 1.1 specification. Some of the additional features it includes are custom
JavaBeans for accessing Oracle databases, SQL support, and extended data types.
See the Oracle Internet Application Server 8i Overview Guide in the Oracle Internet
Application Server 8i documentation library for detailed descriptions of the

OracleJSP Page Performance Tuning

This section explains how you can improve OracleJSP pages’ performance.

Impact of Session Management

In general, sessions add performance overhead; they consume about 0.5 KB of
resident memory. You must turn off sessions if you do not want a new session to be
created with each request. By default, sessions are enabled in OracleJSPs, so if they
are not being used, turn them off by including the following line at the top of the

<%@ page session="false" %>

If you are going to use sessions, ensure that you explicitly close them. If you don’t,
they will linger until they time out (the default value for session timeout is 30
minutes). To close a session manually, use the



See the OracleJSP Developer’s Guide and Reference in the Oracle Internet Application
Server 8i documentation library for more information on configuring OracleJSP


The value for


in the zone

properties file must be at least as large as the value for
security.maxConnections in the jserv.properties file. If it is not,
and the number of requests sent to the JServ process exceeds the
maximum capacity, requests will fail.