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Monitoring the Web Server


Oracle HTTP Server powered by Apache Performance Guide

Using the mod_status Utility

To enable monitoring, edit the httpd.conf file to replace


the hostname of the server you want to monitor.

<Location /server-status>

SetHandler server-status

Order deny, allow

Deny from all

Allow from


Ensure that the


directive is set to


so that the maximum

amount of information is displayed.

When you allow access from all domains, instead of just

, you

can monitor the server from machines outside of your domain, but be aware of the
security implications of this: your server status is accessible from any site. It is
probably best to specify the domain(s) from which you want to monitor your

With monitoring enabled, you can view current statistics from


. These statistics help you to gain

insight on how busy your system is.

The display includes:

Hostname for which status is displayed

Server version

Date server was built

Current time, restart time, uptime

Number of requests currently being processed

Number of httpd processes serving requests

Number of idle httpd processes

Current server state (e.g., waiting for connection, reading request, sending
reply, etc.

Figure 2–1

is a screen capture of a server status page with


turned on.