Factors in improving performance – Oracle Audio Technologies A86828-01 User Manual

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Performance Methodology

Performance Overview


Factors in Improving Performance

Performance spans several areas:

Application design: Designing applications that efficiently utilize hardware
resources and handle increasing numbers of users effectively.

Sizing and configuration: Determining the type of hardware needed to support
your performance goals. See

Chapter 3, "Sizing and Configuration"


Parameter tuning: Setting configurable parameters to achieve the best
performance for your application. See

Chapter 5, "Optimizing Apache JServ"


Chapter 4, "Optimizing HTTP Server Performance"


Performance monitoring: Determining what hardware resources are being used
by your application and what response time your users are experiencing. See

Chapter 2, "Monitoring Your Web Server"


Troubleshooting: Diagnosing why an application is using excessive hardware
resources, or why the response time exceeds the desired limit.