Removing the hardware – Oracle Audio Technologies Sun StorageTek ATCA 4Gb FC Dual Port HBA SG-XPCIE2FC-ATCA-Z User Manual

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Chapter 2

Hardware Installation and Removal


Removing the Hardware

The following instructions describe the tasks required to remove the HBA. Refer to
your system installation or service manual for detailed HBA adapter removal

The hardware removal process involves following these general steps:

1. Preparing the HBA for hot-plug removal with one of the following:

The module handle

The Solaris OS

2. Removing the AMC module hardware

▼ To Prepare the HBA for Hot-Plug Removal

Using the Module Handle

This feature is not supported at this time.

▼ To Prepare the HBA for Hot-Plug Removal

(Solaris OS)

If you want to remove the HBA without first halting the operating system and
removing power from the associated server blade, you may first prepare it for
removal as follows:

1. Use the cfgadm command to identify the HBA to be removed.

2. Use the cfgadm -c unconfigure command to unconfigure the attachment

point ID (Ap_Id) for the HBA.

% cfgadm

Ap_Id Type Receptacle Occupant Condition

pcie5 fibre/hp connected configured ok

pcie6 fibre/hp connected configured ok