Energy storage module caution, System unit cover, Rack system instructions – Oracle Audio Technologies Sun StorageTek ATCA 4Gb FC Dual Port HBA SG-XPCIE2FC-ATCA-Z User Manual

Page 35: Rack system warning

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Safety Agency Compliance Statements


Energy Storage Module Caution

Caution –

There is a danger of shock or

equipment damage if energy storage modules
are mishandled or incorrectly replaced. When
replacing the energy storage modules, use
only replacement modules that have been
provided by Sun Microsystems, following the
instructions provided in the product service
manual. Do not disassemble modules or
attempt to recharge them outside of the
system. Do not dispose of the modules;
instead, return them to Sun Microsystems in
accordance with Sun procedures for the

System Unit Cover

You must remove the cover of your Sun computer system
unit to add cards, memory, or internal storage devices. Be
sure to replace the cover before powering on your computer

Caution –

Do not operate Sun products

without the cover in place. Failure to take this
precaution may result in personal injury and
system damage.

Rack System Instructions

The following or similar rack-mount instructions are
included with the installation instructions:

Elevated Operating Ambient

– If installed in a closed

or multi-unit rack assembly, the operating ambient
temperature of the rack environment may be greater
than room ambient. Therefore, consideration should
be given to installing the equipment in an
environment compatible with the maximum ambient
temperature (Tma) specified by the manufacturer.

Reduced Air Flow

– Installation of the equipment in a

rack should be such that the amount of air flow
required for safe operation of the equipment is not

Mechanical Loading

– Mounting of the equipment in

the rack should be such that a hazardous condition is
not achieved due to uneven mechanical loading.

Circuit Overloading

– Consideration should be given

to the connection of the equipment to the supply
circuit and the effect that overloading of the circuits

might have on overcurrent protection and supply
wiring. Appropriate consideration of equipment
nameplate ratings should be used when addressing
this concern.

Reliable Earthing

– Reliable earthing of rack-mounted

equipment should be maintained. Particular attention
should be given to supply connections other than
direct connections to the branch circuit (for example,
use of power strips).

Caution –

Slide/rail mounted equipment

must not be used as a shelf or workspace.

Rack System Warning

The following warnings apply to Racks and Rack Mounted

Caution –

For safety, equipment should

always be loaded from the bottom up. That is,
install the equipment that will be mounted in
the lowest part of the rack first, then the next
higher systems, etc.

Caution –

To prevent the rack from tipping

during equipment installation, the anti-tilt bar
on the rack must be deployed.

Caution –

To prevent extreme operating

temperature within the rack insure that the
maximum temperature does not exceed the
product’s ambient rated temperatures.

Caution –

To prevent extreme operating

temperatures due to reduced airflow
consideration should be made to the amount
of air flow that is required for a safe operation
of the equipment.