Preface, Accessing oracle documentation – Oracle Audio Technologies Sun StorageTek ATCA 4Gb FC Dual Port HBA SG-XPCIE2FC-ATCA-Z User Manual

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This installation guide describes how to install and remove Oracle’s Sun StorageTek
ATCA 4Gb FC dual port host bus adapter (HBA). It also explains how to verify the
driver version and install any necessary patches.

This document is written for technicians, system administrators, application service
providers (ASPs), and users who have advanced experience troubleshooting and
replacing hardware.

This preface contains the following topics:

“Accessing Oracle Documentation” on page v

“Accessing Related Documentation” on page vi

“Documentation, Support, and Training” on page vi

“Documentation Comments” on page vi

Accessing Oracle Documentation

To view, print, or purchase a broad selection of Oracle documentation, including
localized versions, go to:

To access HBA documentation, go to: