Safety agency compliance statements, Safety precautions, Symbols – Oracle Audio Technologies Sun StorageTek ATCA 4Gb FC Dual Port HBA SG-XPCIE2FC-ATCA-Z User Manual

Page 33: Modifications to equipment, Placement of a sun product, Selv compliance, Power cord connection

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Safety Agency Compliance

Read this section before beginning any procedure. The
following text provides safety precautions to follow when
installing an Oracle product.

Safety Precautions

For your protection, observe the following safety
precautions when setting up your equipment:

Follow all cautions and instructions marked on the

Ensure that the voltage and frequency of your power
source match the voltage and frequency inscribed on
the equipment’s electrical rating label.

Never push objects of any kind through openings in
the equipment. Dangerous voltages may be present.
Conductive foreign objects could produce a short
circuit that could cause fire, electric shock, or damage
to your equipment.

This product is intended for restricted access whereby
access is controlled through the use of a means of
security (for example, key, lock, tool, badge access)
and personnel authorized for access have been
instructed on the reasons for the restrictions and any
precautions that need to be taken.


The following symbols may appear in this book:

Caution –

There is a risk of personal injury

and equipment damage. Follow the

Caution –

Hot surface. Avoid contact.

Surfaces are hot and may cause personal
injury if touched.

Caution –

Hazardous voltages are present. To

reduce the risk of electric shock and danger to
personal health, follow the instructions.

Depending on the type of power switch your device has,
one of the following symbols may be used:

On –

Applies AC power to the system.

Off –

Removes AC power from the system.

Standby –

The On/Standby switch is in the

standby position.

Modifications to Equipment

Do not make mechanical or electrical modifications to the
equipment. Sun Microsystems is not responsible for
regulatory compliance of a modified Sun product.

Placement of a Sun Product

Caution –

Do not block or cover the openings

of your Sun product. Never place a Sun
product near a radiator or heat register.
Failure to follow these guidelines can cause
overheating and affect the reliability of your
Sun product.

SELV Compliance

Safety status of I/O connections comply to SELV

Power Cord Connection

Caution –

Sun products are designed to work

with power systems having a grounded
neutral (grounded return for DC-powered
products). To reduce the risk of electric shock,
do not plug Sun products into any other type
of power system. Contact your facilities
manager or a qualified electrician if you are
not sure what type of power is supplied to
your building.