Battery warning – Oracle Audio Technologies Sun StorageTek ATCA 4Gb FC Dual Port HBA SG-XPCIE2FC-ATCA-Z User Manual

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Sun StorageTek ATCA 4Gb FC Dual Port HBA Installation Guide • April 2010

Caution –

Not all power cords have the same

current ratings. Do not use the power cord
provided with your equipment for any other
products or use. Household extension cords
do not have overload protection and are not
meant for use with computer systems. Do not
use household extension cords with your Sun

The following caution applies only to devices with a
Standby power switch:

Caution –

The power switch of this product

functions as a standby type device only. The
power cord serves as the primary disconnect
device for the system. Be sure to plug the
power cord into a grounded power outlet that
is nearby the system and is readily accessible.
Do not connect the power cord when the
power supply has been removed from the
system chassis.

The following caution applies only to devices with multiple
power cords:

Caution –

For products with multiple power

cords, all power cords must be disconnected
to completely remove power from the system.

Battery Warning

Caution –

There is danger of explosion if

batteries are mishandled or incorrectly
replaced. On systems with replaceable
batteries, replace only with the same
manufacturer and type or equivalent type
recommended by the manufacturer per the
instructions provided in the product service
manual. Do not disassemble batteries or
attempt to recharge them outside the system.
Do not dispose of batteries in fire. Dispose of
batteries properly in accordance with the
manufacturer’s instructions and local
regulations. Note that on Sun CPU boards,
there is a lithium battery molded into the real-
time clock. These batteries are not customer
replaceable parts.