Connecting antennas (am/fm), Am indoor loop antenna, Fm indoor antenna – Teac CD Receiver CR-H238i User Manual

Page 11: Fm outdoor antenna

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AM Indoor Loop Antenna

The high-performance AM loop antenna provided
with this unit is sufficient for good reception in most
To stand the loop antenna on a surface, fix the claw to
the slot in the antenna base.

Connect the loop antenna's wires to the AM antenna
Place the antenna on a shelf or hang it on a window
frame, etc., in the direction which gives the best
reception. Keep all other wires such as power cords,
speaker wires or interconnect wires as far away as
possible from the antenna.

> If the AM loop antenna provided does not deliver

sufficient reception (often due to being too far from
the transmitter or in a concrete building, etc.), it may
be necessary to use an outdoor AM antenna.
Use either a high quality commercial AM antenna
or, if not available, an insulated wire more than 5 m
(16-2/5 ft.) long, strip one end, and connect this to the
terminal as shown.
The antenna wire should be strung outdoors or
indoors near a window. For better reception, connect
the GND terminal to a reliable ground.


Even when using an outdoor AM antenna, do not
disconnect the indoor AM loop antenna.

Connecting Antennas (AM/FM)

Make sure to connect:

white wire q white terminal
black wire q black terminal (GND)

AM outdoor

FM Indoor Antenna

Connect the lead-type FM antenna to the FM 75 Ω
socket, extend the lead and tune the tuner to your
favorite station (see page 30). Adjust the antenna in
a suitable location like a window frame or wall until
the reception is best and then affix the antenna in
that position using thumb tacks, push pins or any
other suitable means.

FM Outdoor Antenna

In an area where FM signals are weak, it will be
necessary to use an outdoor FM antenna. Generally,
a 3-element antenna will be sufficient; if you live
in an area where the FM signals are particularly
weak, it may be necessary to use one with 5 or more

< Disconnect the FM indoor antenna when using an

outdoor antenna.