Repeat playback (disc/usb/sd), Shuffle playback (disc/usb/sd) – Teac CD Receiver CR-H238i User Manual

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RPT Folder



Press the REPEAT 1/ALL button during playback. The
repeat mode is changed as follows:

< When you stop the playback or change the source,

repeat mode will be cancelled:

Repeat one track/file (RPT 1)

The track being played will be played repeatedly. If
you press the Skip button (.or/) and select
another track/file, the track/file you selected will be
played repeatedly.

Repeat all the files in the folder (RPT Folder)
(MP3/WMA only)

All the tracks in the folder will be played repeatedly.

< When the disc has no folder, this mode will be


Repeat all the tracks/files (RPT ALL)

All the tracks/files will be played repeatedly.
During programmed playback, programmed tracks/
files will be played repeatedly.

Normal playback

Repeat Playback (disc/USB/SD)

(Only MP3/WMA files)

Shuffle Playback (disc/USB/SD)

Press the SHUFFLE button during playback or in stop
“Random” appears on the display, and the tracks/files
will be played randomly.

< If you press the / button during shuffle playback,

next track/file will be randomly selected and played. If
you press the . button, the currently played track/
file will be played from the beginning.

< To cancel shuffle playback, press the SHUFFLE button.

< To stop shuffle playback, press the STOP button (H).