Maintenance, Beware of condensation, Restoring system settings – Teac CD Receiver CR-H238i User Manual

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If the surface of the unit gets dirty, wipe with a soft
cloth or use diluted neutral cleaning liquid. Be sure
to remove any fluid completely. Do not use thinner,
benzine or alcohol as they may damage the surface of
the unit.

Beware of condensation

When the unit (or a disc) is moved from a cold to
a warm place, or used after a sudden temperature
change, there is a danger of condensation; vapor in
the air could condense on the internal mechanism,
making correct operation impossible. To prevent this,
or if this occurs, leave the unit for one or two hours
with the power turned on. The unit will stabilize at the
temperature of its surroundings.

Memory Backup

If the power supply is cut off for 14 days or longer,
settings kept in memory (timer settings) will be erased.

Restoring system settings

If you want to manually initialize the settings, restore the
unit to the factory settings as follows:


Press the STANDBY/ON button to turn off the unit

(standby mode).


Press and hold the Stop button (H) for more than

2 seconds.
“FACTORY RESET FINISHED” appears on the display.


Unplug the power cord from an AC wall socket.


Plug in the power cord to an AC wall socket again.

All data is erased, and the unit returns to the factory