Remote control unit, Basic operation, Battery replacement – Teac CD Receiver CR-H238i User Manual

Page 16: Precautions concerning batteries, Battery installation

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Remote Control Unit

Battery Replacement

If the distance required between the remote control
unit and main unit decreases, the batteries are
exhausted. In this case replace the batteries with new

< For more information about collection of batteries,

please contact your local municipality, your waste
disposal service or the point of sale where you
purchased the items.

Precautions concerning batteries

< Be sure to insert the batteries with the positive “+”

and negative “_” polarities positioned correctly.

< Use batteries of the same type. Never use different

types of batteries together.

< Rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries can be

used. Refer to the precautions on their labels.

< When the remote control unit is not to be used for a

long time (more than a month), remove the batteries
from the remote control unit to prevent them from

< If the batteries leak, wipe away the liquid inside the

battery compartment and replace the batteries with
new ones.

< Do not use any other batteries not specified. Do not

mix new batteries with old ones or use different types
of batteries together.

< Do not heat or disassemble batteries and never throw

them in the fire or water.

< Do not carry or store batteries with other metallic

objects. The battery may short circuit, leak or explode.

< Never recharge a battery unless it is a verified

rechargeable type.

The provided Remote Control Unit allows the unit to be
operated from a distance.
When operating the remote control unit, point it towards
the REMOTE SENSOR on the front panel of the unit.

< Even if the remote control unit is operated within

the effective range, remote control operation may be
impossible if there are any obstacles between the unit
and the remote control.

< If the remote control unit is operated near other

appliances which generate infrared rays, or if other
remote control devices using infrared rays are used
near the unit, it may operate incorrectly. Conversely,
the other appliances may operate incorrectly.

Battery Installation

1. Remove the battery compartment cover.
2. Insert two “AAA” (R03, UM-4) dry batteries. Make sure

that the batteries are inserted with their positive “+”
and negative “_” poles positioned correctly.

3. Close the cover.