S-video out terminal, Edigital out terminal (optical), Ac power cord – Teac CD Receiver CR-H238i User Manual

Page 9: Aaux1/aux2 jacks, Ipod dock, Video out terminal

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S-VIDEO OUT terminal

This terminal outputs video signal from iPod.
Use a commercially available S-Video cable to
connect the Dock to the S-Video input of a suitably
equipped television or monitor. Use this connection
in preference to a composite video connection.


DIGITAL OUT terminal (optical)

Digital 2-channel audio signal is output from this
Connect it to the digital input terminal of a digital
device such as a CD recorder, MD deck, etc. Use a
commercially available optical digital cable.

< Remove the protective cap from the DIGITAL OUT

terminal before connecting.


AC Power Cord

After all other connections have been completed,
connect the plug to an AC wall socket.

Be sure to connect the power cord to an AC outlet
which supplies the correct voltage.
Hold the power plug when plugging or unplugging
the power cord.


AUX1/AUX2 jacks

These jacks transmit an analog 2-channel audio
signal. Connect the components using commercially
available RCA pin cables.

Make sure to connect the cables as follows:

white plug q white jack (L: left channel)

red plug q red jack (R: right channel)

< Be sure to insert each plug securely. To prevent

humming and interference, avoid bundling the
signal interconnection cables together with the AC
power cord or speaker cables.


iPod Dock

Connect the Dock to the iPod port.

< Make sure the “SIDE A” label on the plug is facing


< Securely insert the plug until a slight “click” is heard.

To disconnect the Dock:

Squeeze both sides of the plug and pull.

< iPod dock is not supplied for this unit.


VIDEO OUT terminal

This terminal outputs video signal from iPod.
Use a commercially available RCA pin video cable to
connect the Dock to the composite video connector
of a television or monitor.