KORTING HG675CW User Manual

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This appliance complies with the following European Directives:
93/68: General Regulations
90/396: “Gas Appliances”
2006/95/CE: “Low voltage”
89/336/CEE: Electromagnetic compatibility
CE Regulation

ʋ 1935/2004: this appliance is suitable to come in contact with food products.

2002/95/CE: RoHS directive



Read carefully the instructions manual before starting to use the appliance. This manual contains
important information for safe installation, use, maintenance, cleaning and handling of the appliance.

This instructions manual is an integral part of the appliance. Keep it in safe and easily reachable place for the
whole life cycle of the hob.

Keep any spare parts supplied with the appliance.
Packaging materials (plastic sheets, polystyrene etc.) can be dangerous for children. Keep packaging
materials out of reach of children.

The packaging materials are recyclable, and marked with the recycling symbol.

Dispose of the appliance according to the current laws.

This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they are being supervised by a person
responsible for their safety.

Supervise children properly and do not let them play with the appliance.

The appliance must be used for cooking and reheating food only. Any other improper use of the appliance
can be dangerous.

Do not use the hob to heat the room. It can be dangerous.

Check that the appliance has not been damaged during transportation.
Do not store flammable materials or temperature-sensitive objects such as cleansers, sprays, vacuum
packed containers, canned food, etc. on the hob. This presents a fire / explosion risk.
For maintenance, moving, installation and cleaning of the appliance, use suitable prevention and protection
equipment (gloves, etc.).
Never try to remove the plug from the main supply socket by pulling the cable.
Any work on the appliance must be done with the appliance disconnected from the electrical power supply.
Never clean the appliance with high pressure water or steam cleaning equipment.
It is not permitted to modify, tamper with or attempt repairs on the appliance, especially with tools
(screwdrivers and the like), either inside or outside the appliance.
Electrical safety is guaranteed only it the appliance is connected to a suitable earth connection.
Attention: earth connection is required by law.
Make sure the power cable has not been damaged. It must be replaced by the technical service centre in
order to avoid dangerous situations.
Repairs must only be carried out by authorized personnel, especially on the electrical parts. Inappropriate
repair work may cause serious accidents, damage the appliance and equipment and lead to improper
Only original spare-parts must be used for repairs in the authorized service centre.
Appliances repaired in technical service centres must undergo routine testing, especially concerning the
earth circuit continuity.

The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage to persons or property, caused by improper
installation, use or maintenance of the appliance.

The manufacturer declines all responsibility if the safety standards are not observed.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to its products which result
necessary or useful without any prior notice.


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